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Playtech’s Blackjack Surrender is offered in both single and multi hand variations and the norms are pretty regular like the other Playtech Blackjack games. In Blackjack Surrender, one particular card of the dealer’s is dealt upfront while the other card closed, which is also known as the hole card. The game has 6 standard decks with 52 cards each and the all the decks are jumbled at the beginning of every round.

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The one factor that distinguishes this game from the basic blackjack game is that the player can surrender at any given point. Supposing the player thinks that he might be beaten by the dealer, he can choose the surrender option by giving half of his wager as payment in order to not proceed with the hand.

The dealer as usual stands on 17s and the player is allowed to split any pair but cannot re-split. It takes an additional card before the player can stand to split aces. Supposing, one of the player’s split aces gets dealt at a card valued at 10, he gets 21 but not a blackjack.

The player can double down by all means, irrespective of the cards he holds and even after he splits. The player has to pay 1x the original betting amount in order to double down after a split. After doubling down, if the dealer displays an ace following which he receives a blackjack, the player loses both the bets. However, if the player doubles down when the dealer holds a card valued at 10 after which the dealer receives a blackjack, then the player gains his double down bet back.

The player can opt for insurance when the dealer displays an ace. To get the insurance, the player needs to pay half of his initial wager. Supposing the dealer does not have a blackjack, the player surrenders the insurance wager amount.

Blackjack Surrender has an exclusive feature known as the 7 Card Charlie, where it enables the player to beat the dealer constantly but for blackjack, irrespective of the number of counts.

The game allows you to wager anywhere between £/€/$1 to 300. The chips are of six sizes - 0.01, 0.10, 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100. The game permits the player to bet either 132.26 or 1.01 or any given odd number. The payout for blackjack is at 3:2, standard is at 1:1 and insurance is 2:1.

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