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Strategy Tools for Blackjack


To master blackjack you need to understand what strategies will give you better results. Blackjack strategies don’t have to be complicated but some of them demand a deeper understanding on the game. Luckily there are plenty of short cuts for players that are not interested in getting into card counting and other professional methods. Basically anyone can improve their blackjack results by making use of the following blackjack strategy tools.

Blackjack Schools

The first thing to do is to make sure that you understand the game. Getting as high score as possible with two cards without exceeding 21 points is easy enough to understand but harder to achieve. Once you sit there with the option of taking another card or staying with what you have it can be very difficult to know what should be done. You might not even understand what rules apply to the dealer. For this reason it is very useful to join a blackjack school and go through a few lessons before you start playing with real money. This is not a big deal and it won’t take a lot of time depending on how fast you catch the lessons.

Bonuses and Free Games

Blackjack bonuses can be seen as strategy tools because they can give you more games for the amount of money you were going to spend on the games anyways. Beginner players can always enjoy the benefits of blackjack players but once you start winning more than you lose they might not always be your best friend. A winning blackjack player will feel hampered by the restrictions put on winnings made by a blackjack bonus. As a strategy tool the casino bonus money is therefore mostly for new to intermediate blackjack players. The free blackjack games are good for any level. In these you can try a new approach or strategy without the fear of losing money on them.

Strategy Charts

Blackjack strategy charts are very easy to use and you can get them for free online. In these charts you get the recommended action for each possible situation in a blackjack game. You might not win by using the chart but you have a better chance of doing so. It is important to find a convenient way to use the charts because you don’t want to lose your focus on the game by using them. You can either print one out and have on your desk next to the screen or find a comfortable way to display both the game and the chart simultaneously on your screen.

Blackjack Forums

Talking with other blackjack players is most certainly a tool for better blackjack results. Make use of a good casino gaming forum and post your thoughts and ideas there. Very soon other players will answer you with their opinions and experiences which can aid you in finding the best way to winning blackjack games.

Some good strategy tools for blackjack are blackjack schools, blackjack charts and casino gaming forums online.