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Blackjack Online – Special Rules


The first thing to do when you want to stand a better chance at winning in blackjack is to play online. Blackjack online is easy and fun and you have so many good choices for games with interesting rules and lucrative winnings. In blackjack the skillful player can advance his game by practice. To get to the point where you can call yourself a seasoned player you must start by learning the ins and outs of the game rules.

Blackjack Rules

The basic rules of blackjack are simple enough. You get two cards and the dealer gets two. Of the dealers cards you will only see one. With your two cards you want to get 21 but not more. The Ace can be counted as 1 or 11. You need to decide if you want to hit (taking a new card), stand (staying with the cards you got) or surrender (give up and fold your game). This is the foundation of any blackjack game but from here the rules can take on additional features that will make the game more fun to get into.

Opportunities Online

In online casinos you will often see a list of different types of blackjack games. The variety usually lies in if the game is played with wild cards and the opportunity to play with several hands at once. You might also see the option of playing many tables at once. This can all be very interesting to a player who can keep track of several games at one shot. The beginner blackjack player is smart to stay focused on one game at a time! Online it is also possible to play for more or less money. Don’t miss out on the chance to practice the blackjack rules in completely free versions.

Splitting of Hands

If you see a blackjack game which offers you the rule of splitting hands it means that you can make more than one hand in the same game. This works so that you can make two new hands when you have a matching pair on the original hand. There are games of blackjack which will let you make several splitting of hands but these usually come with other restrictions such as multi-table-play not being available.

Progressive Blackjack

In a progressive blackjack game you can hunt for an additional prize as you enjoy the basic game. Before the game starts you put in an extra dollar or so and this will put you into the chase for the extra money. The rules for winning the jackpot are usually pretty strict. In some games you need to have an ace on the very first hand in order to win. Other games will just demand the end result being a blackjack (21) for you to win the additional money.

Blackjack rules are simple but there are plenty of special rules which can make your gaming more fun and lucrative.