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Understand Blackjack Language


A new blackjack player can get confused by the language that is found in blackjack games online. Many expressions have been turned into abbreviations to make space on the screen and not everyone is aware of what these stand for. There is also the general online casino language to consider. To make sure that you stay on top of the game and blackjack strategy you need to look closer at the language and make sure that you truly understand it. Here is how you can get into the wonderful world of blackjack language.

The Name of the Blackjack Game

It all starts with the name of the game. In most casinos blackjack is simply referred to as blackjack since this is what most people today know it as but there are exceptions. If you see a casino offering a game with the name 21 this is most likely the same thing. Since the object of blackjack is to reach 21 but not more it happens that casinos offer special versions of the blackjack game that go by this name to make it more interesting. This is also important to know when you want to read up on strategy and history on the game as many informative sites rather use the game 21 than blackjack.

Blackjack Actions

There are several actions in blackjack and the most common ones are hit, stand, surrender and double. If you know blackjack from live games you will understand these blackjack terminology easily but you should make sure to understand the abbreviations for them used online. This becomes especially important when you want to use blackjack strategy charts to improve your games with. In the charts there are more blackjack language for all of the different actions you can take in the game and good charts should come with explanations of the words.

General Casino Language

To truly understand the language of blackjack you also need to have a basic understanding of casino language since these two are inseparable. Basic terms are always used in online casino blackjack. The casino language can be found in the actual games or in things that surround it like chat. The best way to get used to it is to start playing in beginner friendly casinos where it is OK to ask what expressions mean and where there might be a casino school with a helpful dictionary.

Using Blackjack Dictionaries

There are plenty of blackjack dictionaries for free online. In these you can quickly look up the expression you need to understand. The best is when the casino offering the blackjack also has a blackjack school with a dictionary. It is easier to learn the words when you can play for fun while learning. Free games are a must for players that feel that they don’t understand all of the words in blackjack. You shouldn’t bet money when you don’t understand what you are betting on!

To become a good blackjack player it is crucial to understand the blackjack language which can easily be done in online schools and forums.