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Bonus Deuces Wild is a great Microgaming Video Poker offering for those who are new to Video Poker owing to its simplicity, delightful features and entertainment value. This thrilling Video Poker version has some great features for seasoned players too, such as adjustable game speed, which enables players to set the game to play high speed, fast, medium, or slow and expert mode, which includes autoplay options, stats analyses and hints.

Aces and Faces, a simple and uncomplicated Microgaming Video Poker offering, is a great option for beginners to such games. Players can choose from a number of Aces and Faces versions such as 1, 10, 50, and 100 hands versions. Needless to say, the versions vary only in the number of hands that are dealt per round.

Microgaming’s exciting video poker variant Multi-hand Jacks or Better - Power Poker, as its name suggests, challenges players to play as many as 4, 10, 50 or 100 hands at a time depending on game version. The game is based on the rules of Jacks or Better; and the players’ aim is to create hand of five cards that contain a pair of Jacks or something better.

Playing poker online can be both entertaining and lucrative. It is thrilling, fun-filled and at the same time offers you with plenty of prizes if the player is lucky enough. One such entertaining game of poker is 50 Line Joker Poker. The game strategy with 50 Line Joker Poker is very simple and easy to understand and one really doesn’t have to be an expert to play this game.

Playtech has offered an excellent multiline version of Jacks or Better for adventurous players - the 50-Line Jacks or Better, which offers the experience of playing 50 games of Jacks or Better simultaneously. This greatly enhances chances of winning while forcing players to place high bets and risk losing a lot of money in case they do not get lucky. Since the multiline version of Jacks or Better is not entirely a game of chance, but involves strategy too, smart players stand a better chance of winning big.