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Are You a Bad Blackjack Player?


Many blackjack players are very bad. This is not because of lack of basic skills and understanding of the game. To truly become a good blackjack player you need to understand that there are several areas that come together to form the perfect play. It is crucial to know how to play the specific version of blackjack that you are in but it is also important to have proper money management and make use of free opportunities for practice.

Know how to play blackjack?

Make 21 points and not more with 2 cards and beat the dealer. This sound straight forward enough and anyone should be able to grasp the basics of blackjack. To be a good player you must know the rules but perhaps more important, you must make the right choices. Should you hit or stand? If you lose, will you get some money back? To know how to play you start by learning basic blackjack rules and then you make sure to read the specific of the game you want to play. Blackjack has many variations that are fun and entertaining. Make sure that you are never assuming what the rules are just because you’ve played a version with the same name before!

Using Blackjack Promotions

It seems like obvious that players will benefit from casino promotions. After all, you get more money into your player account which gives you more chances to win. This is both true and not. If you use this extra money wisely it will be to your advantage but by taking on a bonus less suitable you could be losing. Look for bonuses and promotions that are meant specifically for blackjack. If there is only a general casino bonus available you should always check how it applies to blackjack before you go for it.

Playing Blackjack for Free

Bad players don’t take advantage of free blackjack. If you stare yourself blind at the chances of winning real money you will miss the opportunity to practice your game for free. Take a break from the real bets and get some more experience in the free version. You can come back a few games later and see that you results are improving. It can be wise to play free games for one day while reviewing a specific blackjack strategy. Let the practice sink in completely before you return to the money games.

Winning a lot of Money

If you are not winning a lot of money on blackjack you might assume that you are a bad player. For sure, if you’ve played the game for years and you still make big losses on your games you could indeed be a bad blackjack player. If you are a beginner you should give yourself some credit and hang in there. With proper strategy and practice you will surely reach better results within reasonable time.

A bad blackjack player loses money by not looking into proper strategies for money management and practice in free games.