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Purpose of the website

This website is being hosted solely to provide information on the subject of gambling. Users will not be able to use this site for gambling.

Updates in information

The website owner will try to ensure that the content hosted on this website is regularly updated and accurate. However, users should note that other casino websites often make changes without advance warning on items such as bonus offers and to the terms and conditions they follow. Those casinos will not be bound to honor any expired offers or advertisements; neither will this website accept any liability for hosting outdated information. Users are strongly encouraged to browse the casino site in question and its terms and conditions before spending any money or playing any games on it.

Legal issues

Certain jurisdictions around the world have outlawed online gambling. This website cannot offer legal advice on whether the user's state or country permits online gambling or under what conditions it may be permissible. As a result, users should check with local authorities before participating in any gambling activities online. Citizens of the United States should note that financial transactions made to fund online gambling activities have been deemed illegal under US law according to the SAFE Ports Act of October 13, 2006. Further information can be found at this website: http://www.lawrencewalters.com/.

Age limit

Under most global jurisdictions, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to indulge in gambling. For many countries and states, however, the minimum age is 21 years.


Developing an addiction to gambling is a serious risk that users undertake when they sign up for gambling activities. While gambling is a type of entertainment, an addiction can lead to the loss of quality of life as well as the loss of property and deterioration of close relationships. The most serious red flag indicating a gambling problem is when a gambler loses more than he/she can afford to lose, having bet money that was needed to pay bills. Rather than attempting to recoup their losses by gambling still further, they should stop and seek help before they get trapped in the vicious cycle. Online casinos can offer assistance by locking down the account at the gambler's request. Gamblers Anonymous is also very useful for providing support in breaking the addiction. Further information can be found at the Gamblers Anonymous and National Council on Problem Gambling websites.
Please note: These websites have been named solely to assist the user. It should not be inferred that these organisations have endorsed this website.


Every attempt has been made to list only reputable casinos that honor their offers and advertisements. However, this website accepts no liability for the misdeeds or inaction of any of them. All advice offered on this website should be considered an opinion based on individual experiences and cannot be considered expert advice, particularly as it pertains to financial and legal issues.


In case of a dispute between a user and a casino listed on this website, we will offer full support to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Casino Rules

All users are reminded that online casinos follow strict regulations. The user is expected to seek out and become familiar with these rules before using the casino's website.

User acknowledgement

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