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Blackjack Payouts


It is very important to understand the impact of payouts when you want to play blackjack. Blackjack payouts are pretty straight forward but if you don’t know what you should expect to win you are not on top of you blackjack game. Make sure to read more about blackjack payouts and calculate before the game starts what you should expect to win or lose!

Understanding the Payouts

Many players seem to think that blackjack is about winning or losing but this is far from the truth when it comes to payout. For sure you either win the game or not but you don’t always have to lose the money. It all depends on what kind of bet you made and why you didn’t win. If there is a tie you won’t lose your money but you won’t win any either. You could also be a winner if you made an insurance bet on the dealer getting the blackjack.

Even Money Payout

The even money payout is the most common blackjack payout. This is what you will win on all bets, all hands that double down or are split. What does it mean? Simply speaking, if you put 1$ on the table as your bet and you win the hand the dealer will put 1$ in your space of the table once the game is over. Even if this is so easy to understand you must not forget to make the calculation in your head before you make your bet. When you play with bigger bets you also have to face the feeling of seeing that bet being collected by the dealer and not doubled on your side of the table!

Calculate "the Blackjack" Payout

If you manage to get a Blackjack, 21, you are looking at a bigger payout. The most common is that you get 1,5 times your bet. If you bet that $1 you will be paid $1.50 if you produce the magical 21. If you played with a $5 bet you will win 5 dollar plus half of 5 which is 2,5 which means $7.50. It is quite easy to calculate the payots for blackjack but it is still a good idea to practice a bit so that you will see your possible winnings fast before the game is on.

Playing with Insurance

It can be a lot of fun to play with an insurance bet. This is a side bet where you win double up when the dealer has a blackjack. If you bet $1 on the insurance bet you’d win $2 if the dealer actually gets a 21. The only thing with this bet is that it can get a bit risky and expensive to play with. You need to evaluate if you think it is interesting enough to risk your money on.

Variations of Blackjack Payouts

It is important to understand that online casinos can offer different payouts for different blackjack versions. Remember that there are special blackjack games with jackpots and other features that could influence just how much you will win.

By understanding how blackjack payouts works you keep better control of your games and wallet.