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Vegas Strip Blackjack

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Four standard decks of 52 cards each are required to play this game; and players are allowed to double, split, and purchase insurance according to the circumstances of the game. A few important variations, however, must be noted if players want to play a successful game.

While players are permitted to double down on any two cards immediately after splitting, they can split only thrice to make four hands. The game permits splitting of unlike tens. Players must also note that the value of a split ace and a ten is equal to ten, but that doesn’t make it a blackjack. The dealer must stick to 17, which greatly minimizes the dealer’s risk of busting and increases players’ chances of winning with an 18 plus hand.

Players should first read and understand the various rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack because they require a combination of luck, skills, and strategies in order win this game. Here are some more unique rules of this game: Players who have already split aces in a hand cannot split them again even if an opportunity presents itself. Any card of value 10, including Kings, Queens, and Jacks, can be split. Players can also double down on any of the first two cards dealt to them. Since this variant of blackjack requires a lot of splitting, players are required to be ready to take risks and do a lot of betting.

Vegas Strip Blackjack has an expert mode, which enables seasoned blackjack players to use the autoplay feature with a specially edited strategy card. This means that players can set the game on autoplay, sit back and relax, and watch the game as its plays itself using the strategy card. Before using this feature, players must make a thorough study of strategies and should know how to implement them correctly.

Blackjack enthusiasts looking for something challenging can play Vegas Strip Blackjack at any prominent online casino that offers Microgaming products.

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