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Understanding the Blackjack Terminology


In blackjack a hit is not a blow over the nose of the player sitting next to you. This might be an obvious thing to someone that has played the game before but to a complete beginner it could be news. Especially for players that come to the blackjack tables with another mother tongue than English. No matter whom you are and how much you know about blackjack it is a must to understand what is being said around the table. If you don’t understand why, read on!

Hit or Stand

OK, so you do understand that hit doesn’t mean that you should make some kind of physical maneuver at a person or the table. To hit simply means that you draw another card. There are different ways to signal this depending on where you are playing. More important than this is that you will see hit being shortened to H in the premade strategy charts for blackjack. If you don’t draw a card it is called to stand. In the strategy chart this will sometimes be shortened down to S.

Double Down

Stand is fairly easy to understand but Double Down is an expression that demands some basic knowledge of blackjack. You shouldn’t choose double down before you truly understand what this expressions means. Simply stated you raise your original bet and get another card. This doesn’t sound so complicated but each version of blackjack has its own rules and doubling down is not always allowed. By learning more about this specific action you can understand better when it is truly worth it to go through with it. In most cases a beginner should stay away from it since it could just cost extra money if you play it wrongly.

Taking Insurance

Insurance is a great thing. You mess up but you don’t lose it all. In blackjack there is sometimes an option to take an insurance bet which means that you will get money back in a specific scenario. The term seems like an obvious winner if you just go by the sound of the word and yet it is not recommended to take insurance in blackjack. A beginner player would be foolish to do so just because it sounds right. Again, it is a must to learn more about this before playing with it. By learning blackjack terminology you can easily spot the areas you need to understand better!

Online Blackjack Words

When you play blackjack online there is a whole new set of words to be aware of. There are live blackjack games and blackjack with progressive jackpots, just to mention a few. Each casino makes its own blackjack section and there can be blackjack expressions that are unique to a certain casino. The best place to learn the blackjack terms for online use is in player forums where you can follow the discussion and understand more about this classic casino game.

It is a must to understand blackjack terminology since it will help you see where you need to improve your game.