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French Roulette

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Players of American Roulette and European Roulette will not find it difficult to understand, play, and enjoy French Roulette, which bears a striking resemblance to European Roulette in that it has slots numbered one to thirty-six along with a single zero. The players’ aim is to place one or a combination of bets, wait for the ball to come to rest on the numbers after the wheel is spun, and collect their winnings if they have won their bets. For instance, players can bet on one number or a row of numbers or a group of numbers.

Before placing their bets, players must choose their chip denomination. Each bet type has its own betting range. Players can increase or decrease their bet amount by clicking on the appropriate buttons with their mouse.

French Roulette offers two major types of bets—the inside bets, which are within the standard layout of the game, and the outside bets, which are outside its standard layout. Some of the most popular French Roulette bets are Street Bets or Three Number Bets, which are placed on 3 numbers; Line Bets or Six Number Bets, which are placed on 6 numbers; Column Bets, which are placed on entire columns; and Even Money Bets, which are placed on 18 numbers simultaneously.

An added advantage of playing French Roulette is that players can learn some French in the process, especially if they use its “Call Bet” feature, which allows players to pull up different bet types and place money on them. There is also the Tier, Voisins de zero (Neighbors), Orphans and Number and Neighbors options for betting available.

Players who enjoyed playing European Roulette will definitely enjoy playing French Roulette too. The game is available in prominent Playtech casinos and beginners are advised to learn the rules and strategies of the game thoroughly before betting on it.

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