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Picking the right Roulette Wheel


You’ve probably heard that the European roulette wheel is the best choice by any roulette strategy. It is true that this wheel gives you the best odds but it doesn’t mean that it is always your best choice for good roulette gaming.

Difference between American and European Roulette Wheel

The only big difference between the two major types of roulette has to do with the zero. The American roulette wheel comes with a single zero and a double zero. This gives the casino an advantage over the player and therefore most roulette strategies will call you a fool to pick this wheel. In online casinos this basic truth about roulette wheel layout can be noticed. You will always find the European roulette and more seldom the American version.

The House will win anyways

The truth is that roulette is always a bad bet to make. No matter how well versed you are on roulette strategy you will not come across odds that are much to your advantage. So one might ask oneself why play roulette if the House always wins? Well, this is how some players feel after playing roulette for years and never hitting it big. However, ask someone that one on one single number on roulette. He will most likely tell you that it was the thrill of his life that no other casino game has been able to top.

Special versions of roulette wheel

If you find a casino with the American and the European roulette wheels side by side don’t immediately discard the American option. You need to look closer at what rules are being offered. If you play American roulette with special rules that give you money back and new runs by the zeros you might actually be wiser to pick this wheel. It also happens that the roulette wheels come with jackpots or special prizes for certain bets. In this case the basic roulette strategy of picking the European wheel might be ruled out. So check what the specials are and make an informed choice!

The Fun-factor

So many roulette strategy articles seem to forget what this game is really all about, to have fun! If you get to deep into the odds and probabilities you might completely forget to enjoy the exciting feeling of watching that ball drop. In online roulette much energy is put into producing games that are exact copies of the land-based versions. This is so that you will feel the same rush of excitement when the wheel slows down. Don’t forget the fun-factor and make sure to enjoy the effects.

When you decide to play roulette you should consider which wheel will give you the best odds for winning but also where you will have the most fun. It is not necessarily a good choice to switch casino just to get the roulette wheel you think will pay out the most.