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The Fibonacci Roulette Betting System


If you want to win more on roulette it could be a good idea to look into betting systems. Betting systems all have the same purpose to win you back your losses by a set strategy for the betting. The Fibonacci system is meant mainly for roulette and craps but it can be used for other games as well. The most important is to understand how this systems works and the problems with it before you decide to go for it or not.

How to use the Fibonacci Roulette System?

Like most betting systems for roulette, Fibonacci focuses on when you are losing your bets. As long as you are winning you stick to the same bet but when you lose the system comes into play. After a loss you will increase your bet by adding one more unit which is the sum of the last two bets that you made. If you have only been winning this means that you will bet twice as much as before when you experience your first loss. If this is also followed by a loss you will now have to bet the original sum plus the double amount of the sum and so on.

Advantages to Fibonacci

People mostly use the Fibonacci for roulette because it adds an extra element of fun to the game. The betting system is interesting and exciting and if you succeed with it you also get your losses back. If you are a high roller and like to take chances on big amounts of money this system is ideal. It also lets the player think a little bit more since the structure of the bets following losses is a bit more complicated than more simple betting systems.

Problems with the Fibonacci

The obvious problem with the Fibonacci is that it can get very expensive. Let’s say that you lose ten times in a row. In this case you are already betting a lot and you might not be able to continue to use the system. Most casinos have a limit for how much you can bet. If you reach this limit the system is lost and you might not feel so inspired to start from the beginning again. To some the Fibonacci is also a bit too complicated and they feel that it is enough to focus on the actual roulette bets.

Who should use the Fibonacci System?

It is safe to say that the Fibonacci system for roulette is only meant for players with a budget that can handle bigger losses. You should only play with Fibonacci enforced if you feel that it gives you a more exciting gaming experience. You should also try to play it with as small bets as possible not to break the betting limits of the casino that you are playing in. The Fibonacci betting system for roulette is only for the brave with the cash to back it up with!

The Fibonacci roulette betting system for roulette is both interesting and challenging but it can be risky to apply in casinos with a betting limit.