Sun, Jun

The Random Number Generator and Roulette


Since it became more and more common to play roulette online it has also become widely accepted that the online casino roulette is fair. Of course, there are casinos that are not as trustworthy as others but whenever you see a Random Number Generator, RNG, in use you can assume that you will get fair and honest results. When you play roulette with RNG you need to understand how it works to make the most of it. The most important is probably to understand the basic nature of completely random results.

The RNG (Random Number Generator)

To begin with you need to know just what the RNG is. A generator might sound like a machine that makes plenty of noise but the RNG that is used in online casinos is really just software. This important part of the casino platform doesn’t just regulate the roulette games but every single casino game which is based on chance. The RNG programs the roulette game so that it will spit out completely random results. This means that you could get the same five times in a row or not one single time in a year!

Trusting the Casino

Random results are great for all but can they be trusted? It is understandable if a casino wants players to win less and therefore they might be tempted to tamper a bit with the RNG. It’s not like this never happened and this is why there are now independent control organizations that give fair casinos their stamps. When you start playing roulette controlled by RNG it is not enough to see that the results are random you also need to check that the RNG was checked!

Checking the RNG

It is not as complicated as it might sound to check that a RNG works as it should but don’t buy the seal on a web page as a sure sign for honesty. When you decide to join a new casino to play their roulette games you should always check for signs and seals of independent controllers. Once you see such a seal you should also test it by clicking on it. It should be a link to the home page of the controller.

Is it the same everywhere?

The RNG is basically the same wherever you choose to play. Different casino software might have different structure in their RNG components but this shouldn’t influence the outcome of the roulette results. Just remember that the RNG doesn’t guarantee that the next result will be different from the recent one. It only makes sure that no man can predict what will come up. If you see that the roulette wheel gives the same winner twice in a row the RNG is working just fine. It is for you to decide if you want to make that same bet again or go for something else!

The RNG is an important component of the roulette wheel and by understanding how it works you improve your roulette gaming.