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Where to Play Roulette Online?


To enjoy roulette online you should check that the casino bonus is applicable also to the roulette wheel and that the best odds are given.

Roulette vs Bonuses and Promotions

All online casinos have some kind of offering for new players as well as follow up promotions for the regulars. If you stumble on to a great welcome deal you need to check it out more carefully before you sign up and become a member. In many casinos roulette is not included in the bonus offers. This means that you won’t be able to fulfill the wagering requirements on the roulette wheel. If you came to the casino exclusively to play on the wheel you must know this. Even if other games are your main target you can make more out of the bonus by knowing where to start with it.

Roulette Odds between Different Casinos

You will not find much difference between different online casinos when it comes to roulette odds but that doesn’t mean that the odds are all the same. A basic roulette strategy is to play on the European version of the game. The American wheel comes with both a zero and a double zero which makes it a bad choice for the player. With this in mind you can quickly scan the game selection of the casino before you join. Does it only state American Roulette? Then skip this casino and continue your search!

Rules and Specials

There are two main roulette rules that can increase your odds of winning and they are called the rule of Surrender and the En Prison rule. The rule of Surrender lets you have half of your bet back when you make an even bet and the ball lands on zero or double zero. This means that this rule applies both to European and American roulette. En Prison lets you save your bet for another round if the ball lands on zero. Some casinos have their own specific roulette games but if you find French Roulette it is most likely the same as European.

What is the best online casino to play roulette?

A good casino for roulette should let you use your bonus on the wheel but this is not the only condition that makes the ideal setting for good roulette gaming. Playing in a fair and recognized casino is just as important. You will rely on random number generators for your results so make sure that these are tested by a recognized tester like eCogra. It is also a good idea to play in a casino which offers free roulette with good explanations. This way you can study both the casino and the roulette wheel without stressing about your bank roll!

For the best roulette you should pick a online casino with good promotions and rules and odds that favor the player.