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European Roulette

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This game of European Roulette features slots numbered from one to thirty-six, including a zero. When European Roulette was born nearly one-and-a-half centuries ago, it did not have a zero. Casinos added the zero much later in order to get a better house edge.

The game is very simple, as long as players understand its rules and strategies well. The aim of the players is to place their bets, watch the wheel as its spins, and collect their winnings if any. Bold players, who are willing to take the biggest risks, stand the chance of winning larger payouts.

European Roulette offers players the opportunity to place a wide variety of bets such as the Straight Up Bet, which is a bet placed on one number, Split Bet, which is a bet placed on 2 numbers and Street Bet, which is a bet placed on thee numbers arranged in a row. There is also Square Bet, which is a bet placed on four numbers arranged in a block and Line Bet, which is a bet placed on two rows of three numbers each. The other prominent bet types are the Column Bet, the Dozens Bet and the Even Money Bet.

The payouts of European Roulette are quite generous, depending on the risk taken and the type of bet placed by the player. The payout structure of European Roulette offers different payouts for inside bets and outside bets. The payouts for outside bets are low and so are the odds of winning. The inside bets, on the other hand, have greater odds and offer higher payouts.

Beginners should first learn the rules and strategies of the game before betting big on European Roulette. Since the game is available in the free as well as the real money modes, beginners can get ample experience playing the game in the fun mode at excellent online casinos such Golden Palace Casino, Grand Online Casino, Flamingo Club Casino, Titan Casino, to mention a few, till they gain confidence to play for real money.

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