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American Roulette

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American Roulette is similar to European Roulette, expect for the presence of the double zero (00), which gives the house a far greater edge than European Roulette. The players’ job is to predict where the ball will come to rest after the wheel is spun, place bets, and collect winnings.

Players will find themselves facing a large number of bet types. For instance, beginners can bet on a particular color or number, while advanced players can place a combination of bets. However, players are advised not to bet more than what they might win lest they find that they have lost more than they have won. The payouts are quite generous, provided players take high risks. For instance, betting on zero will fetch larger payouts than betting on even numbers.

American Roulette is a game of skills and strategy, although luck has an important role to play too. Serious players should spend a lot of time playing the game to figure out ways to improve their odds.  Players should play American Roulette for the entertainment it offers and not for its payout structure; and if they find themselves losing, it is time to quit.

American Roulette offers a wide range of bet types such as Straight-up Bet, Split Bet for winning a bet on two numbers, Street Bet, Square Bet for winning a bet on a block of four numbers and Five Number Line Bet for winning a bet on five numbers. There is also the Six Number Line Bet for winning a bet on six numbers, the Column Bet for winning a bet on a vertical column and Even Money Bet. Players are free to place a combination of safe and risky bets to enhance their odds of winning.

Beginners should first learn the game rules and strategies before placing a bet. Fortunately, the game is available in the free as well as real play modes at prominent online Playtech casinos.

Playtech’s American Roulette gives Roulette enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy the Las Vegas roulette experience in the comforts of their home.

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