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French Roulette

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French Roulette bears a striking resemblance to European Roulette, in the sense that it contains only one zero plus numbers ranging from 1 - 36, which gives players a slightly better edge over the house. French Roulette is played the same way as any other variant of Roulette. The player must choose a type of bet such as single number bet, split bet, street bet, or any other and place their wager. All players who have placed a bet on a particular number will win if the ball happens to come to rest on that number.

The chip tray comprises denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, and $25.  Players have the option of either increasing their bets by left-clicking the mouse or decreasing them by right-clicking the mouse. The maximum bet that a player can place on one number, which is also known as straight bet, is $10. Players can place a maximum outside bet such as a red/black bet or an even/odd bet of $80 and a maximum dozens bet of $70.

In French Roulette, inside bets are those placed within the standard layout and outside bets are those outside the standard layout. French Roulette also permits bets such as street bets or three-number bets, line bets or six-number bets, column bets, even-money bets or bets placed on 18 numbers simultaneously.

Microgaming French Roulette allows players to play at their own speed, which means that they can take their own time while placing bets. The game also has a “Quick Spin” option, which saves players the bother of having to wait for the wheel to finish spinning before it comes to rest so that they can get the results quickly.

French Roulette is great fun, allowing players to learn some French as they play. The game can be played in the free as well as real money mode in prominent Microgaming casinos such as Platinum Play, All Jackpots, Vegas Villa, Gaming Club, Jackpot City, and many more. French Roulette is easy to play; and online casino enthusiasts who have already played a lot of European Roulette will not find it difficult to play and enjoy French Roulette.

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