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Online casinos offer different varieties of Roulette and Microgaming’s American Roulette is one of them. Experts are of the opinion that American Roulette, though easy to learn, lowers players’ odds of winning. This, however, does not seem to have reduced the popularity of American Roulette, and more and more new online casino players prefer to try their luck with American Roulette.

The American Roulette wheel has one zero as well as two zeros. Moreover, the numbers on American Roulette are arranged in pairs facing each other. Seasoned casino players are of the opinion that American Roulette is a simple and practical game because the odd/even and red/black bets are placed adjacent to each other while the first 18/last 18 bets are placed adjacent to single numbers. American Roulette comprises 38 colored and numbered pockets, with the numbers ranging from 00 to 36.

American Roulette features a croupier who spins the wheels and the ball in two directions. Players must place their bets in the pockets of the American Roulette wheel till the croupier specifically says that no more bets are allowed. Since American Roulette does not permit changing of bets, players should think carefully before placing a wager.

Players of American Roulette receive colorful chips, which they can use to place their bets. Certain casinos define a specific betting range for players. All the players who have placed bets in the pocket in which the ball comes to rest are considered to have won the round.

American Roulette permits different types of bets, and here are some of them. Roulette players can place straight up bets, which mean that they can bet on any number; split bets, which means they can bet on two numbers; street bets, which means that they can bet on a row of three numbers; dozen bets, which means they can place a bet on 12 numbers; and many more.

American Roulette is rapidly rising in popularity especially because it is easy to learn and is, therefore, ideal for beginners. Moreover, the game is a source of great fun, excitement, and entertainment to those who love the challenges of playing games of chance in online casinos. Many believe American Roulette to be a game purely of chance, but some advanced players beg to differ and say that certain strategies can be employed to enhance odds of winning.

The game is offered at several prominent online casinos such as Ruby Fortune, Ladbrokes and others.

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