Tue, May

Yggdrasil Gaming Launches New Replay Features


Yggdrasil Gaming has launched a “revolutionary” new promotional tool that sees punters having an opportunity to watch replays of winning spins which can be shared with fans and friends on social channels.

The game developer’s new innovation has been appropriately titled BRAG and is a play-facing sub-section of the company’s BOOST collection of promotional tools. BRAG will assist in improving operators’ organic social media volume as it encourages players to share replays of winning spins on Facebook and Twitter.

Yggdrasil Gaming issued a statement saying that BRAG is the first of its type in the industry and that the replay and share functionality of this promotional tool will initially offer players an opportunity to watch and share replays of winning rounds on Yggdrasil Gaming’s tournament leader board.

The statement also revealed that future updates will give players a chance to also share any big win or spin from their last ten game rounds and that BRAG has already proved to be immensely popular with players, increasing engagement and improving the overall experience.

According to Fredrik Elmqvist, CEO of Yggdrasil Gaming, Yggdrasil has once again launched an industry-first innovation which has the potential to drive revenues for operators and create a more engaging experience for users.  He also said that there will be much more to come from BRAG, with new features due to be rolled out within the following few months.