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When to use a Casino Bonus?


A welcome bonus of several hundred dollars could seem tempting to anyone. You’re going to make a deposit anyways so what can it hurt to get some extra money to play for? The truth is that online casino bonuses can be a bit tricky. If you don’t win anything with them and you only play now and then you might never realize how backwards they can work. Every player owes it to himself to be aware of the true nature of casino bonuses. If he doesn’t get how they work he might actually lose a lot of money on them!

Tricky Casino Bonuses

Behind every flashy banner of great promotions and bonuses lies a detailed description of the conditions for the offer. Many players simply skip reading this important information. It doesn’t matter if the bonus demands a deposit or not, the details and conditions will influence future deposits and withdrawals. You should also be aware of the fact that many bonuses only applies to a few selected games. It can be quite surprising to see how the detailed information reveals that the player really is better off without the offer. If this is the case it is a must to tell the casino no thanks to the offer or they might throw it at you anyways!

The Welcome Bonus

Casino Bonus Chips OnlineThe most common new player bonus is the welcome bonus. This offer can have many forms and shapes and the idea is that the player should feel that his coming to the new casino was a smart move. There are certainly casinos with welcome bonuses that are both impressive and easy to use. What a player must look closer at are the rules for withdrawing winnings made with the bonus money. This is where the bonus could turn out to be a setback rather than a boost. Check what the wagering requirements are and if you must have a certain amount on your player account in order to withdraw your first winnings.

Refer-a-friend Casino Bonuses

The casino bonus which is called refer-a-friend bonus is usually pretty simple and safe to use. With this bonus you get a set amount of money for each friend of yours that join the casino after your invitation. The catch is that you will only get the bonus if they make a deposit. Since it is pretty easy and fast to send emails to friends recommending a casino a player can always make use of this bonus without much effort.

VIP Bonus Offers

The best bonuses are the VIP bonuses given to the regular players within the casino club. These offers are usually easier to cash out and use as you want to. The thing with VIP programs is that they usually work automatic. You will have to say no in time if you feel that you want to stay out of it.

The only time to use online casino bonuses and offers is after having read and understood their terms and conditions properly!