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Playing with a Live Dealer Online


Woman holding gambling chipsYou have probably seen the live dealer games advertised in online casinos and reviews of them. Playing real time with a real person acting as the dealer can be very exciting. It is also a nice change from the regular online games where it can get a bit impersonal at times. When you want to try a live dealer game you need to make sure that you understand how it works and that the casino offering it is safe and serious.

Live Dealer Games

The live dealer game offers you a real person dealing you the cards through the Internet. You stay seated by your computer and through a video screen you see the dealer real time. This means that you need to have up to date software and computer equipment. Most modern computers support the kind of technology that is needed for this to work. With a fast Internet connection you will see the dealer as if he was right there with you in the room. The best live dealer software also ensures that occasional breaks of connection won’t disturb the games or rob you of an imminent winning.

Is it fair?

A question which must be asked is if the live dealer games are fair. In online casinos you get used to trusting the number generators and suddenly you are expected to trust a real person again. You can’t really trust the live dealer more than what you would trust the dealer at your local casino but be honest about it. What is in it for the casino? Live dealers are recorded which means that you can catch a cheater so much easier than in a land based casino. With this in mind it would appear that the live dealer online is safer than the live dealer in the local casino.

Famous People and Promotions

A fun feature of live dealing online is that the person acting as dealer can be someone of special interest. The big online casinos can occasionally employ famous people to act as live dealers for your enjoyment. This can also be a special promotions that is only rewarded a few lucky players. In this case the prize pot is usually also a bit larger than usual spicing the deal up even more!

Finding Live Dealer Games

If you are interested in casinos with live dealer you should look into what kind of casino software that supports this function. Some types of live dealer work better than others. It is important to find a smooth and trustworthy version. It is also helpful to read casino reviews that can guide you to the best games and promotions.

Live dealer games bring you the most live casino experience to your home computer. By playing live dealer games you can get to meet famous people and win attractive prizes.