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Blackjack – how to learn from the Pros?


Not everyone has the luck of running into one of the MIT blackjack legends and even if they did it might not result in useful blackjack training. To improve your blackjack by basic blackjack strategy there are plenty of online resources for free. When you want to advance a bit further you should consider getting the help of a pro. It is, of course, crucial to figure out just which teacher will fit you and through what media you want to learn the new skills.

How to improve your Blackjack

You want to know how to make the decisions in blackjack and by experience you have already figured out the most obvious times to stay in the game or get out of it. Blackjack has a very clear game structure but the choices that will make you the winner or loser are very much in the gray zone. You could improve your games by simply playing a lot and learning from your mistakes. This has worked for some but it could take a very long time to make any profit of the games this way. It would seem that turning to a blackjack teacher is the best way to dramatically improve the results in a short time.

Blackjack Teachers

There are individual blackjack pros that have decided to take their success and share it with others. If you prefer to do the learning online you will easily find several home pages of blackjack pros ready to teach you. What you must ask yourself is if their playing style matches yours. Take some time to analyze who the teacher is and what his interest in teaching you comes from. Is he just out to make a lot of money or does he get some pride from seeing his strategy being used by other players?

Choosing Media

Even if you start learning online you could get the opportunity to order a book or manual with detailed instructions for a working blackjack strategy. If you feel more comfort able reading from a regular book it might be wise to do so, at least if you are serious about becoming a great blackjack player. There are also CD ROMs that can be of great help since they let you play out the scenarios you read about.

Playing with the Pros

Don’t forget that some of the big gaming portals will let you play with the professional and chat with them at the same time. Even if it means that you have to play some poker to get some valuable insights in card counting you should do it. Watching the pros playing and talking to them at the same time is an optimal way to pick up great strategy for all card games.

Learning from the pros is an important way to improve your blackjack. Be aware of who the teacher is and try to find the best format to learn in.