Sun, Jun

Betclic Re-Enters Belgian Market


Internet betting group Betclic Everest is pleased to announce that they have now obtained a proper betting license through the Belgian Gambling Commission and are getting ready to re-enter the Belgian online gaming market.

Before dropping out four years ago due to changing laws in the country, the company operated in Belgium in a grey-market fashion.  After the Belgium Gambling Commission blacklisted its brands and issued fines against Betclic, it appeared as though the company would not be allowed to obtain a license in the country.

However, it has now been granted approval to offer licensed online sports betting and slot services under the betclic.be domain.

The Belgian Gambling Commission confirmed that the Betclic brand had been approved through its partnership with Belgian land-based arcade operator Pres Carats Sports SA.  In terms of Belgian online betting laws, digital enterprises are required to have a land-based presence, which can be obtained via a joint partnership.

In the last quarter of last year, Betclic Everest governance stated publicly that the company would attempt to cooperate with Belgian regulatory stakeholders in an attempt to re-enter the Belgian market.

It would now appear as though the Malta licensed operator will re-commence its marketing services for Belgium within the following few months as management at Betclic Everest endeavors to extend Betclic’s profile and coverage beyond France.