Fri, Jun

SBTech Awarded Software License in Malta


SBTech, a leading online sports betting software provider, is pleased to announce that it has secured a full Class 4 Remote Gaming License by the Maltese Gaming Authority.

The license awarded to SBTech will see t`he provider’s ever-increasing portfolio of European permits being enhanced as the company endeavors to widen its operations across the continent and beyond.

SBTech has unparalleled industry knowledge in equipping international operators with localized sportsbook offerings.

The Chief Executive Officer of SBTech, Richard Carter, revealed that it is their ongoing strategy to boost the number of markets that they are licensed to operate in, in order to offer their tailor-made services to the new generation of Sports Betting platforms.  He also said that thanks to the efficiency and professionalism of both the Maltese Gaming Authority and their in-house legal team, he is thrilled to confirm that they have fulfilled all the requirements and have secured this coveted license.

According to Joseph Cuschieri, Executive Chairman of the Malta Gaming Authority, it was their pleasure to work with the SBTech team during the process of granting the company’s Class IV Remote Gaming License.  Cuschieri went on to say that they are extremely proud of the fact that their regulatory and technical standards are some of the most demanding in the global gaming industry and that they are satisfied with the information that they acquired at every state of the license process.