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Winning Slots Tournaments


If you love slots you will enjoy competing in slots tournaments. Not only do you get to enjoy your favorite game you also stand a chance to win nice prize money. It is also a very satisfying feeling to win against other players and not only against the computer. To win the tournament you should make sure to stay concentrated on your game and keep up a good speed.

How to play a Slot Tournament?

In a slot tournament you have a certain amount of credits to use for a set amount of time. The time limit can be set to an hour, a day or a week. Players in the tournament can be from the same casino or in different casinos that are part of the same network. Sometimes you can stay in touch with your opponents through chat but good slots strategy for tournaments will advise you to leave this option for other games. When the time is up the player which earned the most on his slot machine will also win the tournament and the prize pot.

Playing fast

It might sound a bit silly but you need to be fast at clicking at that spin button when you play in a slots tournament. This doesn’t mean that you should use extra force and strain your hand and mind but be aware of the time that is lost by not spinning when you can. Make sure that your computer and mouse are well working and that you have a good connection that won’t fail you in the middle of the heat. Don’t look around to see what other players are up to as this will definitely make you lose time and focus.

Concentrate on using your credits

Even if you start on a certain level of credits you could soon find yourself earning more through bonus and free spins. Once the time is out you won’t get to keep any remaining credits so you’d better play them while you can. If you get into a bonus spin where there is a little jingle and animation you need to focus on using your credits well. Make sure to be ready to press the spin button as soon as the extra effects are over and you can continue the game!

Pick the right Tournaments

Ideally you should play slots tournaments with big prize pools. If many players are in the tournament you will have harder competition but most likely more money to win. Try to find the tournaments where there is a guaranteed prize to begin with. You also need to make sure that you can enter with your favorite slot machine.

Slots tournaments are a lot of fun and to win them you need to play fast and focused. Don’t look away from your screen and keep your finger ready to press until the time is out!