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How not to bust out?


sexy blackjack girlIn Blackjack it is an absolute no-no to get a hand worth more than 21. In fact, this is the whole object of the game, getting as close to 21 as possible but never crossing. To avoid busting a player must know what moves to make with the two cards he’s been dealt.

Busting out in Blackjack

Before you go into some of the main choices you have to make in blackjack you should consider what busting out really means. To some it might seem as if busting out of blackjack is something only beginner players and complete losers do. Truth is that someone always has to lose and in some situations busting might be impossible to avoid. If you get more than 21 on your hand and it only happens now and then you shouldn’t get too hung about it and just continue to strengthen your general blackjack strategy.


An important tool in staying away from busting is to use the option of Surrender. This is something that is not always possible and this move can be played out in two different ways. In Early Surrender you can choose to pull out of the game and get half of your bet back before the dealer has checked his hand for a Blackjack. In Late Surrender you can only make the choice of surrender once the dealer has checked his cards and you know he doesn’t have a Blackjack. Late Surrender is the most common choice available and to use it you should be well aware of your odds for winning.

Hit or Stand

Two other important choices in your way to winning blackjack are hit or stand. These are pretty much what they sound like. If you hit you ask for another or more cards (depending on what type of Blackjack you are playing) and standing means that you stay in the game with what you have on hand. The best players use their experience and gut feeling for when to hit and when to stand and the card counter use his count.

Using a Chart

If you want to make an informed decision for when to hit or stand you can use a readymade blackjack chart which will show you the possible situations. Based on the card of the dealer that is open and the ones you have on hand the chart will tell you what the best move to make is. Charts for blackjack is well worth to study but don’t rely on them for steady victories.

To avoid busting out a blackjack game you need to know when to hit, stand or surrender. By the help of a blackjack chart you can make an informed choice without knowing the first thing about card counting.