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How to place the Bets on Roulette?


Woman placing bet on roulette tableWhen you start playing roulette you might think that the best choice for bet is the simplest one. This could be true depending on what your goal with the game is. The key to roulette strategy for bets is knowing what type of roulette player you are. Once you know this you can have a lot of fun placing the best and most interesting bets.

Roulette Bets

The bets that you can make in roulette are many and varied. They can also be unique for a specific casino and they depend on which version of the game that you are playing. You can bet on a number, a color, if the number will be even or odd and a group of numbers. The groups of numbers are already defined on the roulette table and their names usually relate to their positions on the table.

The best Odds

To begin with you should stick to the European wheel which has one zero. The House has the advantage no matter what wheel you pick but in the American version there is an extra double zero which increases this advantage even more. The safest bet in roulette is the even money bet. You should stick to the outside bets meaning bets like odd or even and red or black. Betting on one single number might be very exciting and should you win you will win a lot. Still, most players prefers having steady wins that are a bit smaller but give a good feeling.

Winning lots of Money

If your goal with roulette is to win a lot of money you need to consider your betting strategy. If you see the total amount of what you win over a long period of time as your priority you should stick to the even money bets. This way you won’t burn a hole in your pocket in one shot and you should be able to maintain a healthy bank roll by occasional wins. For the big prize sums you should pick a wheel with a progressive jackpot and not be afraid to play the hard bets and the risk of losing a lot in one shot!

Betting Systems

Sober roulette strategy for bets will let you know to stay away from betting systems. It is not wise to get caught up in a scheme and miss out on the fun only to realize that it didn’t improve your results a bit. Roulette is the most enjoyable when you play after your own head. Every player has his own personal betting system which lets him play exactly as fits his mind and wallet!

Make sure to pick the best bets when you play roulette. Decide if you want to win a little more often or risk losing a lot for the chance of a huge prize sum. Most importantly, play the bets you like the most!