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Casino Hackers and Spyware


There are players who refuse to take their casino gaming online. They can see that the online casinos have so much more to offer than the land based but they are simply too afraid to get started. Fears of transferring money and data online are not ungrounded. There have been incidents and some players got badly hurt when they became the targets of vicious hackers and spyware. There are also less lethal drawbacks to the online casino format.

Who hacks a Casino?

People who hack casinos are not necessarily casino players themselves. They are many time computer whizzes that love to mess with online portals just because they can. Hackers have to work long on breaking into the code of a casino and they thrive on crashing sites. Luckily the casino software only gets more and safer and hackers don’t have the same easy access to points of break in. The worst hacker is probably the player who is also a member of the casino. This hacker might try to find ways to cheat both casino and other players by getting information which gives him the upper hand in both chance and skill games.

Dangerous Downloads

It shouldn’t be dangerous to make a casino download and yet there had been times when well recognized casino brands sent their uses headaches. What happened was that the casino software came with a type of “Trojan Horse” which the player couldn’t see. Once the software was installed in the computer the casino could send and receive information without the user knowing so. The main purpose was to offer updates and important information but it is understandable how some players got really mad when they detected the spyware.

How to protect your Computer?

To protect your computer from casino hackers and spyware you need to take a few important security measures. First of all, don’t make any downloads from casinos that you haven’t checked properly. If you are worried about their reliability you should simply stick to their online version or choose another casino. Secondly you should make sure to have a proper fire wall in your computer and also anti-virus software. You can get these for free online but if you feel lost you should ask someone who knows a bit more to help you install it.

Staying aware

It always helps to stay aware and keep an eye open on the development of the online casino world. Use online gaming forums and see what other players say about the safety of playing in online casinos. You can also subscribe to a good casino news letter which will let you know if there is something fishy going on with an online gaming portal. The awareness should also cover how you protect your computer and information. Update your anti-virus software regularly and be careful with how you share your personal details over the net.

Casino hackers and spyware are part of the online gaming reality. By looking over your computer and staying aware you can avoid them and be safe!