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Jacks or Better 50 Line

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50-Line Jacks or Better is based on the same rules of Jacks or Better, except that this variant uses 50 decks of standard playing cards with each line containing cards from a separate deck. Each deck is separately shuffled before the beginning of a new round. Since players are playing 50 hands simultaneously, their chances of hitting the jackpot go up considerably. Players can make multiple wins and the software adds up all the wins before handing it over them as one large prize.

The software deals out cards to players after they have placed a wager, which they can do easily by choosing a coin value and number of coins they wish to bet. Players can bet the maximum number of 5 coins per line. Since the video poker variant has 50 lines, players wagers will be multiplied fifty times and deducted from their balance. This means that the maximum bet for 50-Line Jacks or Better is 250 coins, which makes the game a high rollers favorite.

Once they have placed their bets, they can hit the Deal button to get their cards. The next step is to hold the cards required to make a winning combination and discard cards that cannot be used to create winning combinations. The discarded cards will be replaced by the software, after which the 50 hands created will be analyzed and payouts will be given for the winning combinations. Even if players do not create 50 wins, they will definitely create at least a few. And if they do not get a single winning combination, they can simply bet again and start a new game.

The highlights of this game are a couple of optional gamble features called Double and Double Half, challenging players to either double their entire winnings or double half their winnings by choosing a card that is higher in value than the dealer’s card.

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