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Aces and Faces

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Aces and Faces is a standard video poker game, which is played with the usual deck of 52 playing cards. The deck is shuffled randomly before playing out each hand. The game is based on the rules of Draw Poker; and the aim of the players is to create a hand of the highest value from the five cards dealt to them. The game lacks wild cards. The maximum payout is 4000 coins. A combination of 4 aces or 4 face cards such as Kings, Queens, and Jacks fetches the largest payout.

The strategies of the game are no different from the strategies followed in case of other Video Poker variations. Players are free to retain or discard any or all the five cards dealt to them. Whenever players discard cards, they will get fresh cards. The Video Poker machine decides the results of a game and hands out payouts according to the hand displayed. Players must, therefore, make a careful study of the payout table before playing the game.

The prominent cards, as the name of the game suggests, are aces and faces. Players who create a hand with four aces will be paid 80 times their bet. The game allows players to bet anywhere between 5 – 400 coins. A combination of four face hands will get players a payout of 40 coins for a maximum bet. Although payouts are available for other hands, this is the highest payout players can get. Players must remember that good starting hands are 3 – 4 cards of a Royal Flush, 3 – 4 cards of a straight or regular flush, 4 straight cards, 2 high cards belonging to the same suit, and 1 – 2 unpaired aces or face cards.

The betting format is basic. Each coin is equal to $0.05 - $5.00. Players who have bet maximum of five coins will have wagered $0.25 - $25.00. If players create a good hand, they will get huge payouts provided they have bet maximum. Interested players can play Aces and Faces at any online casino that offers Microgaming Video Poker games.

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