Fri, Jun

OpenBet Launches SiteBuilder with PMU


OpenBet has revealed that it has entered into an agreement to provide its flexible SiteBuilder tool to French operator Pari Mutuel Urbain (PMU) that will see the French operator giant gaining greater flexibility over its sportsbook front-end.

SiteBuilder gives operators an opportunity to offer quick-to-market front-end solutions in a safe development environment.

Included in SiteBuilder’s features is the opportunity to create sportsbook microsites with the use of an advanced CMS, which opens up the possibility of dedicated pages for leading sporting events which include the football World Cup or the Olympic Games.

Jean-Marc Leglise, the head of online at PMU, said that a flexible platform is vital when it comes to offering their customers the personalized experience that they expect, and they are, therefore, delighted to have a partner in OpenBet who can deliver unparalleled expertise in this field.

Leglise went on to say that OpenBet’s SiteBuilder tool will allow them to tailor their content to their customers, safe in the knowledge that it will maintain the stability and excellence of all OpenBet products.

The Chief Executive Officer of OpenBet, Jeremy Thompson-Hill, added that SiteBuilder will give PMU greater agility to design and adapt a sportsbook which perfectly suits their needs.

Thompson-Hill also said that the relationship between OpenBet and PMU has been extraordinarily productive for both sides over the years, and they are looking forward to building upon this success into the future.