Sun, Oct

Bodog Announces Poker Tournament Schedule


Bodog Poker has announced the schedule for its second upcoming Bodog Poker Open tournament that will launch on the 28th of this month. Bodog said that there would be fourteen exciting events that comprise the tournament, including six fun bounty events where players go for Team Bodog members.

The Main Event of the Bodog Poker Open II will begin on October 5th, with $300,000 guaranteed up for grabs.

“Whoever said sequels are never as good as the original certainly wasn't talking about the Bodog Poker Open II,” said Justin ‘ZeeJustin’ Bonomo, who plays on Team Bodog. “The first BPO was pretty big, but the BPO II takes it to a whole new level with more events, more money guaranteed, deeper stacks, and they're keeping it fun along the way with bounty tournaments. I welcome all players to take a shot at me during the series.”