Mon, Oct

Jepsen Joins Betfair Poker Team


Peter Jepsen, better known by his online poker name, Zupp, has joined the Betfair Poker team to represent the site online and offline at tournaments across the world. Jepsen, who is considered up and coming talent in the poker world, joins other top professionals such as Sorrel Mizzi on the Betfair Poker Team.

“I am looking forward to starting my sponsorship with Betfair Poker,” said Jepsen after signing on with Betfair Poker. “They have been really welcoming and I already feel like I'm part of the team. It’s given me new impetus to go out and get a big win under my belt.”

“We’re delighted to have Peter join the Betfair Poker team,” said a spokesperson for Betfair Poker. “He has all of the skills to be successful online and in offline tournaments as well. We look forward to working with Peter over the next two years and maximizing his and our profile.”