Mon, Oct

NextPoker Not Going Down without a Fight


NextPoker has reacted strongly to reports by BWin, that it has been forcibly removed from the latter’s Ongame Poker network because of rakeback charges. NextPoker said that it was considering taking Bwin to court over these claims, especially since it could be proven that it had no direct contractual agreement with Ongame Poker in the first place.

"It may be noted that NextPoker.com is not the first and most likely not the last to leave Ongame," said NextPoker in a statement. "NextPoker.com is owned by Abbantina Malta Limited and operated on Ongame until October 31, 2008 through a 'white label' agreement with Redbet Limited. Thus Abbantina never had a direct contractual relationship with Ongame."

"On July 31, 2008, Abbantina terminated the 'white label' agreement with Redbet for various reasons," said NextPoker. "The notion that Ongame terminated NextPoker.com's agreement is, therefore, doubly false. In any case, from what we understand, Ongame is still holding players' funds as a result of the termination. We trust that players' funds can be returned without delay."