Sat, Dec

5 Way Deal at WCOOP


Event # 20 at the on going World Championship of Online Poker, sponsored by PokerStars, was the $1,000+50 No Limit Hold’Em with a guaranteed prize pool of $3,000,000.  Since there were 3,467 entries the prize pool swelled to $3,467,000. Of this  $1.34 million was payable to the top five players.

The five players in question were QuasiFiction, Mary 717, CamoJr, Christian “C.K.” Krue and NYC P.I.M.P. The five players cut a deal to split $1.28 million according to chip count and play on for the remaining $60,000 and the bracelet.

QuasiFiction, who was the chip leader when the deal was made, met NYC P.I.M.P in the heads-up. Incidentally NYC P.I.M.P. had the lowest chip count at that time. But in a head-up that stretched to 30 hands NYC P.I.M.P. emerged winner. Because of the deal he received a lower share of the prize money than QuasiFiction but was the prod winner of the bracelet.