Sat, Dec

ASA Says No to PKR Poker Ad


An ad promoting the innovative poker site, PKR has been deemed inappropriate by the UK Advertising Standards Authority. ASA said that certain elements of the ad ‘glamorized’ poker playing and was thus socially irresponsible.

The ad features a typical PKR avatar sit down at a poker table, with a voice over in the background saying: "I've come in over the top of pot sized raises with middle pair. Bluffed under the gun with four runners behind me. Folded pocket kings on a hunch. I've survived bad beats, sick draws and cold decks."

After pushing a pile of coins into the middle of the table, the avatar continues, laughing: "And I've played through fields of thousands to make the final game. Here I am."

ASA said that the term ‘on a hunch’ could be depicted as reckless gambling and pushing the coins while laughing showed a certain tendency to ‘glamorize’ the game of poker.

PKR has been ordered to remove the ad from the airwaves.