Sun, Apr

Bad Beat Jackpot at PartyPoker Hits 1M USD


Last week the bad beat jackpot at PartyPoker was one at $1,013,381.63. The irony was that the pot was worth only $24. Judith75 had four nines and fortunately lost to Hiyall, who had a royal flush.

Judith75 lost the hand but won $354,683.57. Hiyall, who won the hand had to be content with only $177,341.79. The other players were also lucky to have won $22,167.72. Since the bad beat jackpot began to approach the one million mark traffic at PartyPoker began to grow. The one million plus is a new world record for a bad beat jackpot.

At PartyPoker the bad beat jackpot is offered only on designated cash game tables.  Only 70% of the jackpot is distributed. Of the distributed amount 50% goes to the bad beat player, 25% goes to the winner and the rest is distributed among the other players who took part in the hand. To win the jackpot, a player must lose with four eights or better, and Judith75 just about qualified.