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Online Poker may be legalized in Iowa


Iowa Online PokerAfter a year of analyzing and debating the matter, is now appears as though online gambling will soon be legalized in Iowa.

A bill was discussed by a legislative subcommittee on Monday, February 20 and supporters thereof are of the opinion that Iowa should attempt to cash in on online gambling which is a million dollar industry.

The matter of legalizing online gambling was delayed during last year’s legislative session to this year’s session so that the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission could compile a study of what regulated online gambling could mean for the state of Iowa. The report has revealed that with the regulation of online gambling the state’s gambling revenue could increase from $3 million a year to a whopping $13 million.

Brian Ohoriko, the Director of Gaming, said “While one side of the bill is all about generating revenue, the other side is about protecting the consumer. Right now, gambling online is not allowed in the state, so people do it through online sites operated overseas. By legalizing it, internet gambling could be controlled by not allowing underage players or players with gambling problems and by regulating a safe, secure, and fair environment operated by trusted people.