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Playing Blackjack Tournaments


Playing blackjack tournaments is a lot of fun and a way to perhaps win a little bit more on this special game. You’ve already understood how to play the game online and you are ready to move on to the tournaments. Make sure to think through your strategy for risks and betting before you jump into the games!

General Risk Management

General risk management is always required when you are gambling online or in a land-based casino. You need to consider how much you can afford to risk losing on one single bet or game. In blackjack tournaments you will make a statement with your betting to the other players. This can be an efficient tool for a successful outcome of the games but only if you are ready to back up your bets. Always make sure to estimate what a risk you are taking on each move. This you can only do by knowing what the odds for your hand are which means that you need to know blackjack pretty well to be good at risk management.

Beat the Dealer and your Opponents!

In a blackjack tournament the players enter to compete against the dealer and each other. Everyone will get the same amount of chips to make it to the final with. You need to beat that dealer in order to beat your opponents! This becomes a very delicate balance since you don’t want to lose focus of your game against the dealer by staring too much at your opponents’ games. Play a lot and try to go through your blackjack tournament once it is over to learn from your mistakes and good moves.

Chips Management

A safe strategy for using your chips is to be careful and not bet too wildly from the start. The idea is that modest betting will let you have enough chips for the final stages. This strategy is well known to work in most scenarios but you can’t always count on it. Healthy chips management includes the layout of your own games as well as the betting of the other players. Generally speaking it is wise not to get too nervous just because you haven’t taken the absolute lead after the first few games. Try to be patient and hang in there to see the tables turn.

Be sensitive to the Crowd

In the situation that you are meeting players that are betting strongly from the start you might end up too far behind to ever make it to the final. This is when you should abandon the moderate betting strategy and go in more forcefully. Remember that a strong lead could keep you in first place all the way. Keep an eye on your opponents and make sure to alter your blackjack tournament strategy to a more aggressive one when this is called for.

To win blackjack tournaments you need to work on your risk management and know when to bet carefully and when to go in full speed. Study the game and practice a lot to learn these important skills.