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Playing Slots with 3, 5 or more reels


Hellboy 5-reel online slot gameIf you just began to play slots you are probably a bit overwhelmed by all of the variety that is being offered in online casinos. Winning on slots could mean that you become a millionaire but the most important is to have fun. By picking the right amount of reels for you, you will make sure that the slots gaming will be as cool as it can be. Make sure to test different versions now and then in order not to get stuck on one game only.

Slots variations

First of all it should be understood that a slot with 3 reels can be just as fascinating and complicated as one with more. The theme and extras on the machine are far more important than the actual amount of reels. Having said this, there is a tendency of players choosing the 5 reel slots over the others. You will also notice that many of the most popular slots are in this format. The 3 reels are viewed more as classics and machines with more as a bit eccentric. The best advice is to look at the features of the machine before you judge it because of too many or too few reels.

More reels, more winning Combinations

The advantage of playing on a slot machine with many reels is that it offers the opportunity to play games with many winning combinations. This is especially true when the game includes pay lines that can run in different patterns over the reels. If you haven’t tried this type of slot before you might be surprised how exciting slots gaming becomes on it.

Don’t get confused!

When you can win by having the reels stop in positions that don’t produce an obvious horizontal payline you might get confused. It doesn’t mean that you have to worry about missing winnings by not seeing them. Slots are run by a computer so you will be notified if you win. It is more fun to play when you do understand what will let you add to your winnings so for this reason it is smart to pick a slot with the amount of reels that you can handle.

Be a brave Slots Player

It is way too easy to get stuck on one slot machine. Either you are out to win a certain jackpot or you just feel comfortable with the format and workings of a special game. Be brave! In most casinos you can play free slots and not even worry about losing money on it. Try slots with different amount of reels. The only way you will know for sure which amount is the best to play with is to try it out for yourself!

Today players have many options for the amount of reels they’d like their slots to include. Knowing more about the different types and their advantages can greatly improve your slots gaming so don’t be afraid of trying something new!