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Calculating Slots Odds


Online Slots OddsThe first thing you need to understand about slots is that they are made for your entertainment and they are not good bets when it comes to winning a lot of money in a casino. If there was a way to beat the slot machines people would treasure this secret like nothing else. The truth of the matter is that the slots odds are mostly against you and you will have to count on luck to win.

House advantage

No matter how much people win on slots in a casino, the house will always have the advantage. The slots have been programmed so that the casino will make plenty of money on them during a longer time period. In practice this means that a player could get lucky and seemingly beat the casino by winning a million dollar jackpot but in the end of the day the casino won. This million dollar prize is nothing compared to how much the casino takes in on all of the slots games where the players didn’t win.

Understanding payout percentage

Something that will definitely influence your slots odds is the payout percentage of the machine you chose to play on. You should try to get a slot machine with as high of a payout percentage as possible. It isn’t impossible to find slots with as high payout percentages as 99% and even more. This means that over a longer period of time the machine will pay out $99 on $100 wagered. What you must understand is that the machine won’t pay you $99 back on every $100 that you wager but there is always a good chance.

Win big or small

Something else to think about when calculating the slots odds is whether you are in it to win big or small. This might seem as a silly question to some. After all, casino games are about winning and preferably winning a lot. A wiser player might comment that small winnings can also become a big amount with time. Give this a thought and consider whether you might be better off playing games with small wins that come more often or to simply stick to the games with the big jackpots.

Lose slot machines

There is something called lose slots and these are machines that seem to pay out more often than others. If you are in a land based casino you can stand and observe the machines. If a machine pays out every third to fourth round it is a lose slot and you should try to grab it. There are even those that say that you should never continue playing on a slot machine which doesn’t keep this interval of payouts.

To calculate your slot odds you need to learn more about payout percentages, casino advantage and lose slots.