Sun, Jun

Basic Strategy or Intuition?


blackjack cards on tableAs you learn more about blackjack you will realize that a basic strategy is a sure way of improving your results. There are so many great tools available for free online and if you use them you can come to win more and be better at saving your winnings. Still, sometimes your intuition will tell you to leave the strategy and go by your heart. Is this a good thing to do? Read on and become more aware of the conflict between basic strategy and your intuition.

Basic Strategy for Blackjack

Basic strategy for blackjack is the safe road and by learning the most common techniques for the blackjack table you can save a lot of money. For a new player the strategy will take a lot of attention since there is so much to learn both about the basic game and the tricks to beat it. With time the basic strategy could become a bit tedious and that is when you might be tempted to leave it for your own ideas. This can be a great choice but only if you are aware of what you are doing.

Playing without a Strategy

If you don’t work out some type of method and you turn your back on basic strategy you are indeed playing without a strategy. Don’t fool yourself to think that you have enough experience and sense to make the right decisions. Know that it takes years to truly develop a natural sense for the best choices. Playing without a strategy might let you win here and there but in the long run your will lose money with this approach.

Strategy and Intuition

The most common situation is when you start mixing strategy with your own intuition. You might get to a situation where you have two 9 and you know that this is a very strong hand against the dealer. Yet, you feel tempted to split them and hope for even stronger hands. Now, if this works out you made a great decision, if not you lost what would seem as easy money. It is certainly OK to make these kinds of spontaneous decisions but one must realize that by doing so you are leaving the basic strategy.

What to Expect

It is important to understand what type of strategy you are playing with, if any. This knowledge will help you be real about your expectations. If you want to see the results that the basic strategy can give you it is very important to stick to the strategy in all situations. You can’t make sudden changes and then claim that the strategy doesn’t work. Mixing intuition and basic strategy is in essence creating your own personal strategy and if it works that is great. If it doesn’t work you should do yourself a favor and return to a basic strategy for blackjack and stick to it!

It isn’t necessary to always follow a basic strategy for blackjack but doing so is a safer way to reach the best results.