Sat, May

Report Shows Huge Potential of Irish Online Gambling


Ireland FlagA new report carried out by DKM Consultants shows that Ireland could create jobs for a staggering 8,000 of its citizens should the country pass laws to regulate online gambling this month. The new laws would not only offer jobs for local Irish people, but would also attract foreign businesses that would be subject to taxes.

The jobs that Ireland could create range from accountants to analysts, internet experts and lots of others. These services would create demand for other services, leading to even more benefit for the Irish economy. All in all, analysts believe that the country could generate EUR 2.2 billion if it was to capture only 5% of the online casino business of the world.

Gaming tax would go a long way in boosting the Exchequer’s coffers and analysts believe this is one of the easiest ways for the Irish government could benefit from the new laws. “Other countries realize the opportunity,” said David Hickson, the Director of the Gaming and Leisure Association. “France has introduced a gaming tax rate of 7.5%, the UK 15%, but it is seeking to change that. To be realistic Ireland would need to aim for a specific gaming duty of between 2% and 3%.”