Mon, May

Big Players Set to Return to US Market


Never has there been a time in the history of online gambling when so many “enemies” have banded together. All online casino visitors know that there is always very strong competition between the various online casinos and affiliates to attract the most customers and to develop the most entertaining game. However, since the UIGEA gambling laws passed in the USA several years ago, the industry as a whole has struggled tremendously.

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the gambling industry in the USA – more specifically the online casino industry. If rumors are correct, it would seem as though the laws may be relaxed in the near future.

Two major players in the online casino industry have already stated that they are ready to return to the US market as soon as the laws have changed – and these two players already have the entire infrastructure in place to do so.

The two players are Party Gaming– the biggest online casino operator in existence - and PayPal. PayPal pulled out if the US market amidst the new laws but the company has already started doing business in the United Kingdom as a preface to the changing laws in America. If this were to happen, business in the USA would boom once again.