Sun, Apr

Spanish Market Opens Its Doors


The online casino industry has expanded so much in the last decade – especially over the past few years – that many online casino experts assumed that the market had reached saturation point. Although online casinos are growing in the East – most notably in China – the European and American markets have stagnated to a point due to strict laws and other factors.

However, the latest news is that the Spanish authorities have finally laid their cards on the table and are allowing foreign investors to apply for licenses to operate online casinos within the country’s borders. This opens up the doors for many online casino companies wishing to grab a piece of the Spanish pie.

There are an estimated 50 million potential Spanish customers and two companies thus far have expressed a keen interest in investing in the Spanish online market. William Hill and Bwin are two of the biggest online casino operators in the world and these two companies are vying to capture as much of the Spanish market as possible before other companies decide to move in.

The finalities of the new laws have not yet been made public, but it seems as though the Spanish government will allows foreign investors to compete equally with local investors.