Sat, May

Casino Dice Released By GTECH


There are many online casino games developers in the market at the moment, each vying for a bigger portion of the pie. However, many of these companies compete with each other as to who can create the most complex games in terms of graphics, sound effects and player experience. On the other hand, there are other companies that are going back to basics by creating simple games for players of al levels to enjoy.

GTECH Corporation, one of the largest game and software for online casinos in the USA, has recently announced that they will be launching Casino Dice with Bwin.com online casino. This is not the first game that these two companies have launched together. Just a short while ago the two companies launched Triple Chance Hi-Lo. This game proved to be a huge crowd pleaser and the demand for even simpler games led GTECH down the road of developing Casino Dice.

Casino Dice is a single number draw game where players have to guess which number the dice will land on. Credits are awarded for correct guesses and according to how high the odds are. GTECH has also stated that other games are on the horizon within the near future.