Wed, Jul

Slots of Crime Busting in Japan!


If you happen to stumble on a free Japanese slots site and see the faces of hardened criminals staring back at you after you spin those reels, don’t run a mile! Famista, the popular Japanese online gaming software provider, has decided to perform a unique social duty by pasting the mug shots of some of the country’s top criminals on a select number of its slot games.

Not only will the general public become more familiar with the faces of these men (and women), all the while playing their favorite games, they will also be provided with more detailed information about ‘their’ criminal if they hit the jackpot with instructions on how to contact the authorities to report the whereabouts of the criminal!

“There are many internet sites that display photos of those on the wanted list, but they are not necessarily visited frequently. By mixing it with entertainment, we thought we can make some contribution to the police efforts,” said a spokesman for Famista.