Sat, May

Finnish Gambling Monopoly to Launch DiceArena


PAF, the Finnish gambling monopoly company, announced that it would be one of the first in the industry to launch the new DiceArena games package by the end of the year.

DiceArena, created by Jadestone, is one of the more innovative products to hit the industry in recent years, and promises a wide range of skill games played off a multiplayer network, with a strong lean towards community features.

The Business Manager for Poker, Games and Dice for PAF, Tomas Nilssen, said about the upcoming launch: "We've enjoyed working with many Jadestone products over the years but DiceArena is the most exciting concept we've seen yet. We believe that our customers will respond very well to the inviting design and the immediate appeal of the games. This is like poker for the rest of us, with a smile. The design matches our target groups and aligns very well with our brand."