Tue, May

ACLU Challenges Kentucky Court Domain Ruling


The American Civil Liberties Union, as well as several other public interest groups that are not connected to the world of online gambling, have challenged a court ruling giving permission to Kentucky Governor Beshear to seize the domain names of over 140 internet gaming sites.

The involvement of the powerful ACLU, is seen as a positive step towards getting the ruling overturned by the Kentucky Appeals Court, which will hold a special hearing next month.

“The court's theory - that a state court can order the seizure of internet domain names regardless of where the site was registered - is not only wrong but dangerous,” said Matt Zimmerman, speaking for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, another public interest group that is challenging the ruling. “If the mere ability to access a website gives every court on the planet the authority to seize a domain name if a site's content is somehow inconsistent with local law, the laws of the world's most repressive regimes will effectively control cyberspace.”